Who's eligible for the free map update program?
All 2017 or 2018 Genesis models for the first five years of ownership.
Are there any costs involved?
These updates are free to Genesis owners.
Is there a cost if I have my vehicle updated at a dealership?
There is no cost if the map update is done as a part of a service visit. Please call at least two weeks in advance to make certain the update media will be available before visiting.
What does a map update include?
The update provides the latest maps and points of interest (restaurants, hotels, etc.), as well as, other software improvements. Owners receive five years of free updates.
How do I order?
Depending on your vehicle, you’ll be provided one or more options on how to order it.
How long does an update take to install?
The G80 takes 35 minutes to update the vehicle's navigation software and the G90 takes 90 minutes.

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