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Map Version 12 is Now Available (for select models)
The 2018 map includes the latest roads and points of interest to get you safely to your destination.
Version 12 includes 11.2 million kms of roads in the Canada and US
- 718,000 Total Restaurants
- 1.6 million Shops
* Coverage: Canada/US including Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico
And More!
Special Features for Version 12

- Unified search box
- The Latest Android Auto/Apple CarPlay update
- Enhanced user interface
- Update junction view
- And other bug fixes
* Note: Changes to software vary by model, and some software changes occurred on previous updates.
Select Your Map to Update


To get the best experience out of your navigation system, it’s important to regularly update your map. Roads and points of interest across North America, change about 15% every year. With the latest maps, you’ll save time taking the best routes which may include new roads. In the long run, your route efficiency will save you fuel as well. In addition, you’ll drive with greater confidence and security through unfamiliar roads. A map update also includes new restaurants, hotels, banks and many other important points of interest that are constantly changing. So stay up-to-date with the latest map and get the best value out of your navigation system.